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About Us

A well established Dubai based business organization having successful history since 1957 in the middle east and has marked its presence globally.

A group of leading global business tycoons, royal family members, doctors & professionals are joining hand in hand to conquer the 10 trillion dollar industry.

Dr. Shihab Sha, the visionary founder of Armani Clinics, brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to the field of healthcare. Under Dr. Shihab Sha's leadership, Armani Clinics continues to thrive, offering personalized care, advanced medical treatments, and luxurious amenities that cater to the diverse needs of its patients.

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Armani Clinics is bringing together the collective brilliance of business tycoons, distinguished doctors, and seasoned professionals. Rooted in a shared commitment to innovation and compassion, our clinic in downtown dubai is where top-edge medical advancements converge with industry acumen to redefine the landscape of healthcare.

Located in Downtown Dubai, Armani Clinics offer the finest in Ayurveda, dental care, aesthetics, and pediatrics. Whether you seek authentic Ayurvedic treatments, expert dental care, advanced aesthetic services, or comprehensive pediatric care, Armani Clinics provide the highest standard of care and personalized attention.

Core Strength

  • Business foundation in the Middle East since 1957
  • Medical Clinics since 1978
  • Laboratories since 1985
  • Health & Fitness centers since 2010
  • Beauty & Aesthetic centers since 2011
  • Wellness Hospitals since 2018
  • Food supplements trading since 2020
  • Ayurvedic clinic in downtown dubai
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